This is a quilt that was made for my goddaughter. She attends Kent State University. It was made in the school colors of navy and gold.
This is a Christmas quilt that was made for my daughter and one as well for my son. As you can see, Elyce has decorated hers with ornaments. The ornaments are from a collection from the US Mint, and exhibits the various coinage.

This quilt uses the same pattern as the KSU quilt. However, I had to redraw the block to fit a smaller size quilt. It is only 48"x55". The blocks are 4" finished as compared to 61/2" in the other quilt. It was made for my high school alma mater. It will be auctioned off for a fund raiser for the high school. In addition I had the school mascot embroidered under the letters and the school name embroidered on the sashing around the keystone block. To see larger picture click here.